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Why is OPUS the revolution needed in music?

The Problem

Artists are struggling to make sense of the mess that is royalty distribution in its present form and find it difficult to keep the fair share of the revenue they generate on existing platforms. OPUS let’s musicians keep close to 100% of their profits for themselves, a truly revolutionary move in the music industry.

Revenue on OPUS

Revenue on other platforms

Removal of centralized music platforms will help to produce greater freedom for artists, greater openness and availability for users.

How does it work?


By basing the OPUS Player the Ethereum blockchain and storing all the tracks on IPFS, there is no central server and so the storage costs are drastically reduced. This allows for more of the revenue to go directly to the artist, in a more secure, transparent way than ever before.
Stream thousands of songs from all your favorite artists
Create playlists and get paid

A feature truly unique to OPUS, fans can now take home a share of the profits simply by creating playlists with all their favorite songs. All you need to do is create a playlist, share it, and watch your income grow!

Manage your own royalties
Take control

With OPUS, you are in control of your revenue. All transactions are fully secure, transparent, and completely managed by you. OPUS is a simple and effective way to build more trust between artists and fans.

Be in control of your own profile
Build your profile they way you want

At OPUS, we value flexibility and creative freedom. Set up your own profile and make it look exactly how you want it to look. Build your own brand on the OPUS platform, all just one click away!

Who is behind OPUS?


OPUS is currently supported by hundreds of artists worldwide. We are incredibly excited to have them on board and hope to grow our community even more!
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How do I subscribe?


Subscribing to OPUS is as easy as pie! Just download our app, set up your account, and you’re good to go. We offer two types of accounts, listed below:


Unlimited playing time

100,000 songs

Monthly payment


30 second playing time

100,000 songs

Completely for free